Wine List

Solar Celebration Chardonnay 2012

100% sun, 0% oak. This wine allows you to smell and taste how special our site is for Chardonnay without the influence of oak.

Cinco Blanco 2011

A blend  of five white varieties, Italian in concept, with a Spanish name. Soft and spicy. The ideal sipping wine. $11






Pinot Noir 2010  - from the hot, dry 2010 vintage comes this new release of Pinot Noir. Rich purple color; aroma of roses and spice; in the mouth supple structure, balanced, flavor of cherries and other small red fruits, hazelnuts. $16



Seventy-Fifth Meridian

A special bottling to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the arrival of Mason and Dixon in Chester County. Red Wine grown on Longitude 75º West Near the Harlan House, where Mason & Dixon began their surveying feat in 1763  $15

Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve  2008

An example of what Cab Sauv can do in this region in a good year and on the exceptional site which was Sandy Hill. $18


Three red vinifera varieties were fermented together with the addition of sugar and alcohol tolerant yeast to produce a wine of port-like strength. $18

Rosé Brut

Color obtained by brief skin contact, slightly sweet - Pink capsule. Fermented in the bottle. $25

Sparkling Traditional
Blend of Pinot and Chardonnay, Brut Zero - Gold Capsule. Fermented in the bottle.

Sparkling Chardonnay
100% Chardonnay, crisp refreshing taste - Silver Capsule. Fermented in the bottle.