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Big Bang BBQ

July 3rd, 2010 12:00pm - 6:00pm

Chef Richard Schrack of Moonlight Catering will be serving his famous BBQ chicken, baby back ribs and shrimp along with local sweet corn and potato salad all for just $10 a plate!


Food will be served noon to 6pm
Stargazers’ new release, 2009 GV - Gruener Veltlinerwill be available for tasting and purchase


Wine tastings are $5 - for which you get to choose 5 of our wines to sample - this fee will be refunded if you buy three bottles. Or you can purchase a 5 oz glass of wine for $5 or even buy a bottle to share!  Wine glasses are available for purchase at $3 but you are welcome to borrow ours and we won't even ask you to wash up afterwards.

We will also have lavender products and artisan cheeses to sample and purchase. 
Please note that there will not be any loud music so you won't need to shout to the person next to you.  If, however, any budding musicians amongst you would like to bring along an acoustic instrument (as long as you play well enough to entertain others) then come on down!! 

So come on over, bring a blanket and/or chairs, sit back, relax and enjoy an afternoon/evening of wonderful wine, food, surroundings and people.


For more information please contact:
John or Alice on 610 486 0422