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Wine and Caramel pairing - Father's Day Weekend

Posted 6/19/2015 6:03pm by John Weygandt.

Wine and Caramel pairings

Saturday & Sunday 12:00-5pm

This father's day weekend we are offering a selection of 5 wines for $5 3 of the wines will be paired with a sample of a gourmet caramel AND dad gets to take home a sample bag of the 3 caramels (while supplies last)

Solar Celebration Chardonnay 2013 - 100% sun, 0% oak

Arneis 2013  - an ancient variety grown in the Piemonte, home of Barolo. Delicate aromas and flavors of pears, with a hint of almonds, and a lingering finish. This will be paired with an anise caramel topped with dark chocolate blended with almond butter and sliced almonds which have been soaked in Kirch (cherry liqueur) before being roasted.

Riesling 2013 - this medium sweet wine, with the aroma of apricot, elderflower and honeysuckle, combines richness with a lingering finish. This wine is the perfect complement to an orange caramel topped with dark chocolate blended with hazelnut butter, orange zest and hazelnuts which have been soaked in Cointreau (orange liqueur) before being roasted

Vidal - From 34 year old vines in Lancaster County. Luscious and intense, its sweetness is derived from the sugar in the grapes at harvest. To balance the sweetness in this wine we have paired it with the bold flavor of an espresso caramel topped with dark chocolate blended with hazelnut butter and honeycomb and drizzled with white chocolate.

Sparkling Rosé - 100% Pinot Noir. Color obtained by brief skin contact. Finished Natural.