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Petit Verdot 2014

Posted 2/18/2016 3:58pm by John Weygandt.

Our 2014 Petit Verdot is now for sale at the Winery for $25. It is not available for tasting

Periodically Jill Weber the Wining Archeologist offers to the public a "Wine and History" tasting at Jet Wine Bar in Philadelphia. The theme of the most recent tasting was Petit Verdot, which included our 2014 vintage. Here is what she wrote about Stargazers Vineyard. 

Chester County in Pennsylvania lies west of Philadelphia, and forms part of the border between Pennsylvania and Maryland. This border dates to ca 1780, as established by the surveyors Mason and Dixon. Their work was begun at an observatory from which they calculated latitude and longitude bearings from the stars. This observatory, now marked by the Star Gazers’ Stone, stands a few miles from Stargazer’s Vineyard, in Coatesville, PA.

Stargazer’s Vineyard Petit Verdot 2014, PA

The 2012 version

Petit Verdot is not so common in Pennsylvania, but John Weygandt of Stargazer’s clearly knows his land and his grapes because this wine is fantastic. It’s nose is dusty violet and lavender with some green peppercorn, artichoke, and ripe cherry. It has a full, juicy body with deep, cherried plum, some espresso, and a hint of vanilla.  This wine as the absolute winner of the tasting. Find it and drink it! (emphasis added)

Our exploration of Petit Verdot showed us that the grape is, indeed, expressive of place (and winemaker!). But, across the globe, it retains those characteristics that make it so appealing: especially lavender, plummy cherry, general “purpleness”, and rich spice.

The above is taken from Jill's blog https://medium.com/@WiningArchy/explore-a-grape-petit-verdot-f8182968707d#.d9d0xwczl

in which she gives the "back story" on the other wines in the tasting as well as interesting historical and archeological facts including how the city of Chester England got its name and how Chester County was formed. 

I recommend of course if you are in Philadelphia,that you visit Jet Wine Bar http://jetwinebar.com