Our TASTING ROOM HOURS are noon to five every Saturday and Sunday; or other times by appointment.

 We do not accept buses, limos or groups of more than six persons without prior arrangement. 

Our tasting consists of five samples for a $5 fee. For groups larger than six, we offer a different package. Inquire as to details.

As in the European model, when you come to taste our wines, you are likely to meet one of us who grow the grapes and make the wine. You are welcome to take a stroll in the vineyard to check the development of the coming vintage. In the winery you can see how the bubbles get in the sparkling wine. You may bring your own picnic-- we have tables and chairs-- and look out over the lavender garden into the valley where the Brandywine flows.

We do not host weddings. However, we can accommodate groups of up to 40 persons for parties. Contact us for policies and pricing.

DIRECTIONS: PLEASE take notice, Laurel Road remains closed from Mortonville eastbound. Harveys Bridge has been reopened. Under no circumstances, however, should you attempt to traverse Harveys Bridge road from Route 162. Only those who reside there need face the hazards on that road. When you turn onto Laurel eastbound from Youngs, you will see a sign saying "Road Closed Ahead". However Laurel is open to Wheatland Drive. Please click on Map & Directions under the tab Contact & Interact.  We are easy to find using these directions. If you have GPS set it to the intersection of Rte 162 and Stargazers Rd (Newlin Twp.) GPS coordinates 39.937001, -75.732464 and follow our directions or the Winery signs which indicate the two turns you make to Wheatland Drive. If you want an exciting adventure, put our street address into your GPS device.